About Barista

Barista was first released in 2019 to offer an inexpensive personal cloud-rendering platform to Blender artists, while avoiding the fees added by other cloud-rendering services. 

Why Barista Exists for The Blender Community

Learn about the how Barista came to be, how it reduces cost, and why it's important to the Blender community.

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The idea behind Barista was to offer a versatile platform the rendering, as well as giving the user the option to choose the speed and cost of their renders.

Barista offers rendering capability for all 2.9x and 3.x versions of Blender, and users can render stills and animations with the Cycles, Eevee, Workbench, and LuxCore engines. The ability to use Add-Ons and Custom Blender Builds for your render allow you to render anything! 

Barista can mainly be found on the Blender Market for a one-time fee. Blender Market customers are given premium support, and have access to custom builds. All proceeds are used to cover the cost of AWS images, as well as going towards the continued development of Barista.